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Key Projects

Snippets from some of our ongoing and completed projects.

Kiribeli Cove

A full scale mock-up was completed in collaboration with Nomadic Resorts, Netharlands, and ZSP architects, Bangalore. 

As per Nomadic resorts - The Cove development project is envisaged to deliver a high end ecologically sustainable eco retreat experience. 

The ambition is to use low impact natural materials in a sustainable tented design, utilizing local craftsmanship, renewable energy implementation, world class eco tourism operational procedures and the operational talent to bring out the setting for soul nourishing experiential vacations.

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Whispering Corridor

Whispering corridor is a kids musical pavilion made with bamboo. 

The pavilion makes some beautiful sun shadows through out the day.

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Yelagiri Log House

Yelagiri is a quaint little town on Yelagiri hills, Tamil Nadu. 

A weekend home for our client, this Yelagiri Bamboo Log cabin was made with materials from the site and bamboo from a near by farm, with an exception of a few bags of cement and kiln-fired bricks that was brought in.

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Denakani Kottai Farm House

An ongoing project at a mango farm in Denakanikottai, TamilNadu, in collaboration with Jaism Fountainhead Architects, the farm house is being built with bamboo frame supported on boulders as foundation. 

Kiln-fired bricks for the walls and the roof treatment is with 5 inch thick ferrous-cement.

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Earthen Wellness Yoga Hall

A project for Earthenwellness Spa in Bangalore, India. 

A multi-purpose terrace hall for yoga, meditation, meetings and functions, the hall is supported on existing concrete pillars extensions on the terrace. 

Roofing treated with stocksii bamboo panels to let the sun enter to creating some beautiful patterns on the red-oxide flooring.

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Morjim Restaurant

A turnkey solution for a restaurant at an eco-retreat in Morjim, Goa for Jubliant Hospitality. 

Outer edge bamboo columns and truss composed of straight and curved bamboo components to avoid a central pillar that gives an opportunity to incorporate a beautiful central skylight.

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Terrace Garden

A beautiful terrace garden to house exotic flowering plants with clear spaces for a relaxed evening/morning sit-out.

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Bamboo Bleacher

An ongoing project with a turnkey solution for football bleacher at GEAR School, Bangalore. 

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Bamboopecker Studio

The birth place of our brand, this is our home - the home to our artisans, crafts, innovations, training, assembly, production, and our first research experiment and study on Eco-friendly construction. 

This studio was built with our own hands, our sweat and things that are found in nature - Mud, straw, bamboo, jaggery, cow dung, kadukekai, and coconut fiber. 

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Guru Jana Cafe

A Simple little terrace cafe for Guru and Jana Chartered Accountancy firm in Bangalore, India. Soffit of Bamboo mats helps to keep the place cool in harsh summers.

Bamboo Goshala

A simple Cow Shed for an ashram in Bangalore that houses rescued or ill-stricken cows. The flooring has been done using bamboo reinforced concrete.

BRTC Pavilion

A bamboo structure completed for Bamboo Research Training Center at Chandrapur, Maharshtra, India

Arvind's Terrace

An earth and bamboo terrace sit-out to enjoy your cup of favorite beverage :)