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Conscious Packaging

We pack by reusing packing materials. So how do we achieve that?

We collect discarded carton boxes, internal packaging materials from apartment complexes within Bangalore, India and sanitize them before they are used to secure our products for shipping. Essentially we extend the life-cycle of packing material before it goes into recycling through established channels.

What packing materials do we collect from local community?

Carton boxes, Bubble wraps, cloth scraps, Newspaper, magazines, books, etc. In other words, we only use post-consumer packing materials to ship our products from us to our customers!

We also use only newspaper bags and jute ropes at our flagship store.

We encourage customers to reduce, reuse, re-purpose and recycle wherever possible for a positive impact on the environment. 

Newspaper Bags

We employ women on a part-time basis to make these bags.

Extensively used at our store for packaging, helps us to extend the life of a newspaper before it goes into recycling.