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The Design-Craft

Natural fiber and earthen craft is centuries old and is part of the culture and heritage of India. We have been working with artisans of bamboo, rattan, earth and other natural fiber to reinterpret the craft, reorient the craft to the modern context by ensuring that each design has a functional value.

Crafts is a fragmented industry, establishing a brand isn't that simple. One will need to make the industry better, bring it together, bridge gaps and connect people. A lot of hard work was put into building the confidence of rural artisans, that a livelihood is possible in crafts using sustainable materials that they grew up learning sans migration. Initially, we had to improvise upon traditional sustainable techniques to build processes that are scalable. We are transforming traditional crafts to products that can be showcased on par with the contemporary-created products of today in lifestyle stores and not be limited to the craft-fairs alone.

Bamboopecker Bamboo craft 1

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Our design from the get-go was always to bridge the gap between sustainable traditional crafts and the urban populace by ensuring that each design has a utilitarian value and an aesthetic that is current. The idea is to reorient the traditional skills and crafts to the modern context with new techniques and design philosophy. New techniques that ensure products are natural and safe and a philosophy that ensures FORM follows FUNCTION, by allowing the function to be obvious, the end user can easily determine how to use and interact with it. There is a constant dialogue with our artisans on current market trends in terms of finish, utilitarian value, attention to detail, etc.  In doing so, we hope to enhance the sense of pride amongst our master crafts-people for their skill and ensure that these crafts continue to thrive. Since natural material has the innate ability to delight people, we want our designs to continue to create those moments of delight.

Zerowaste, eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural and ethically handmade are our core values. There is no brand in India as yet that is dedicated to providing a complete range of lifestyle products with only natural and sustainable material - personal care, fashion, kitchenware, tableware, cookware, furniture, decor, lighting, home and garden, eco-construction, and art installations. Today we use various Eco-friendly materials to provide a complete sustainable lifestyle solution to our clients - from the foundation of their home, construction, lighting, interiors and furniture, kitchen and dining, home and garden, personal care and fashion.

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