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Our Studio

The birth place of our brand, this is our home - the home to our artisans, crafts, innovations, training, assembly, production, and our first research experiment and study on Eco-friendly construction. 

A studio built around existing trees, from where we grew into a brand that provides sustainable solutions for our everyday lifestyle needs, replacing plastic, metal and wood. This is where skilled artisans keep their skills alive, reinvent our Indian Eco-friendly handicrafts and do our bit to save the planet. 

Our studio was built with our own hands, our sweat and things that are found in nature - Mud, straw, bamboo, jaggery, cow dung, kadukekai, and coconut fiber. Come visit us, we will make sure you go back with a smile.  

Our Studio

Here is a sneak peak into our studio in Bangalore where all the fun, and impact begins!
Bamboopecker Studio 1
Bamboopecker studio 2  
Bamboopecker Studio 3