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Treatment Process


We source legally harvested bamboo from our partners (farmers, communities and forest departments) who use sustainable harvesting practices. 

Using good harvesting practices enhances the resistance of bamboo poles and retains their strength. 

A mature pole of 3+ years age and below the age of 7 years is harvested.


Bamboo is washed to remove grime, mud, dirt and stains. 

Bamboo is perforated by puncturing holes in all the nodes from one end of the bamboo. 

We use a homegrown solution with a repurposed lathe to automate this process. 

Non-toxic boron solution is also prepared at this stage.


We use an efficient method of treatment - immersion combined with a heating system that raises the temperature of the water to about 70-80 degree C while the water circulates through the treatment tank. This treatment makes bamboo immune to attack by microorganisms, insects and xenophiles.


In this phase, the boron solution is drained out from the bamboos and stored indoors with good ventilation. 

This phase prevents bamboo from cracking and other deformations.