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Aane Candle Stand

Rs. 1,290.00

SKU 9900000803827
Aane Candle Stand Small
Aane Candle Stand Medium

Embrace the allure of rustic charm with this unique candle stand, designed to add an element of warmth and tradition to your home decor. The carefully carved elephant imprint serves as a tribute to cultural heritage, infusing your space with a sense of history and timeless elegance.


Always burn candles on a flat and heat resistance surface

Do not leave candles unattended or near flammable items.

Keep candles away from children and pets.



Height 15 cm
Width 10 cm


Height  20 cm
Width 10 cm

What you get:

1 Candle Stand


This product is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and therefore will have minor variations. Products crafted with natural materials often exhibit certain inherent inconsistencies. Hence the product you receive may be subject to conditions such as natural colour variation, grain structure, size and shape variations. Any irregularities in coconut, bamboo and cane is part of its natural beauty and does not affect the longevity of the product.