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Diamond Weave Rattan Mats

Rs. 1,100.00

24 in
1 ft
2 ft
3 ft
4 ft
5 ft
10 ft
20 ft

Rattan mats or webbing is versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways for furniture making in chairs and cabinet doors. Can also be used in DIY projects for wall hangings, lamps and fashion accessories. Its an excellent material for artists and crafters to create unique designs in their work. 

These rattan mats are made from woven natural rattan material.The rattan mats have natural texture and organic design make it an ideal choice for your home. 

Now you can choose from a variety of sizes available.


Products crafted with natural materials often exhibit certain inherent inconsistencies. Hence the product you receive may be subject to conditions such as natural colour variation and grain structure. Any irregularities in cane is part of its natural beauty and does not affect the longevity of the product. 


If you would like to customize sizes or you would like to design your furniture for your specific needs, please get in touch with our customer relationship manager -