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LongPi Pottery Sangai Coffee Mug

Rs. 475.00

SKU 9900000802797

This beautiful black stone pottery is made from weather rock and serpentinite stone, found abundantly in the banks of the river in Longpi. Unlike most other kinds of pottery, Longpi is not shaped on the potter’s wheel. This is made by hand, polished, sun-dried and fired in a bonfire. The black color of Longpi pottery is a result of polishing the heated earthen pots with a local tree leaf. 

Drinking cups and mugs are great for tea, coffee, milk shakes and chilled beer.


Height - 8 cms
Diameter - 9.5 cms
Width with handle - 14cms

What you get:

1 Sangai Coffee Mug


Hand wash in lukewarm water with soap and cloth dry. Do not scrub. Dry completely before storing.