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Paṉai Visri

Rs. 845.00

SKU 9900000801589

Chettinad Hand Fan: Embrace Tradition and Elegance with Every Swoosh

A captivating blend of timeless tradition and exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the vibrant culture of the Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu, South India, this hand fan is more than just a cooling accessory; it's a symbol of grace and heritage. Each fan is meticulously handwoven using traditional techniques passed down through generations, preserving the essence of Chettinad's rich craftsmanship. Its large size provides a generous breeze, making it perfect for staying cool in warm climates or during traditional ceremonies. Add this cultural gem to your collection and be swept away by the grace of Chettinad with every gentle swoosh.



Length of the Leaf - 25 cm
Length of the Leaf with Handle - 37 cm
Width - 26 - 27 cm


This item ships within 3-4 days from our store.


The traditional hand done work will vary from piece to piece, including colors, design and proportions, but it will not hamper the utility of the product. This product is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and therefore will have minor variations. Actual product colour may vary from the images shown due to lighting conditions. Natural products often exhibit certain inherent inconsistencies. Hence the product you receive may be subject to conditions such as natural colour variation and grain structure.


Best care is to dust regularly with a dry cloth. Direct exposure to sunlight and rain to be avoided. Clean with a lightly moistened cotton cloth.