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Wedding Installation

In November, we teamed up with @withlovenilma to craft some magic - this mesmerizing cane installation that gracefully weaved through the wedding venue!
It got us thinking about how natural materials go beyond the aesthetic appeal of wedding decor.
Here are 7 ways natural materials transform your wedding decor!

1. Sustainability at its Core: Choosing natural materials not only adds a natural and unprocessed touch but also ensures guilt-free celebrations. These materials can seamlessly return to the earth after use.

2. Smart Reuse: Unlike materials that end up in recycling or as waste, bamboo and cane can be easily reused. After adorning your wedding, they can find new life in furniture, cladding, fencing, or even construction. This sustainable reuse approach significantly reduces costs.

3. Natural Harmony: Enhance your wedding's aesthetics by complementing bamboo and cane decor with other natural elements like flowers and leaves. The combination creates a captivating and cohesive visual appeal.

4. Organic Forms and Flows: In contrast to materials like plywood, steel, MDF, Plaster of Paris, and synthetic paints, bamboo and cane offer the advantage of creating more organic and flowing forms.

5. Cost-Effective Decor: The reuse of bamboo and cane in various applications post-wedding not only contributes to sustainability but also lowers the overall cost of wedding decor.

6. Lower Carbon Footprint: Opting for sustainable materials like bamboo and cane consumes less energy, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. It's a conscious choice that aligns with eco-friendly practices.

7. Renewable Growth: Bamboo, in particular, exhibits a unique quality — the more you harvest, the more it grows. This stands in contrast to wood, especially plywood, which relies on deforestation. Embracing bamboo promotes a renewable and sustainable source for your wedding decorations.

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