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Bambusa Balcoa

Diameter - 3" to 5"

Uses - Building material for houses, bridges, fishing floats, scaffolding, baskets, woven mats and for agricultural and fishing implements.

Bambusa Tulda

Diameter - 2" to 3.5"

Uses - The culms are generally used for construction, scaffolding, furniture, boxes, basketry, mats, household utensils, handicrafts and as raw material for paper pulp

D. Stocksii

Diameter - 1/2" to 2" 

Uses - Furniture, ladders, supports, bamboo screens.

D. Giganteus

Diameter - 4" to 8" 

Uses - Construction, scaffolding, boat masts, rural housing, water pipes, vases, buckets, water pitchers, matting, boards and parquet, furniture, water pots.

Bambusa Bambos

Diameter - 2.5" to 5"

Uses - House construction, scaffolding, rafters, roofing, handicrafts, basketry, bows and arrows, furniture, rafting, cooking utensils and fencing.

Treated Bamboo

Bamboopecker over the years has built many partnerships with Indian forestry, farmers, villages and tribal communities across India to grow bamboo and source harvested Bamboo poles of species that are native to India and also species that successfully grow in Indian climatic conditions.

Our 21 feet long treatment tank and circulatory boiler system implements soak diffusion method using naturally occurring salt solution called boron solutions. It has a toxicity just 1.5 times that of table salt. More about our treatment process here.