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Beach Side Wedding Installation at Grand Hyatt Goa

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Beach Side Wedding Installation at Grand Hyatt Goa

In the coastal town of Goa, where the waves kissed the shoreline and the breeze carried the whispers of love, a remarkable project took shape through a collaboration that could only be described as magical! It all began with a vision, a dream to create an installation like no other, and at the helm of this dream was @devikanarainandcompany

The picturesque Grand Hyatt Panjim set the stage for an ambitious vision: to create a majestic mandap, standing 30 feet high and spanning 25 feet.
However, the challenge was that the soft, golden sand meant no digging, and the ever-changing winds had to be considered.

The solution was to anchor bamboo pieces to a robust metal base plate, forming a stunning lattice, with a grand total of 30,000 bamboo elements, meticulously interconnected.

Then came the race against time. With just two days for installation, the daunting task of connecting the numerous bamboo pieces at around eight different points loomed large. That's when the trusty nail gun emerged as a hero. Its role was not limited to the initial installation; it also played a pivotal part during the rapid dismantling process, which was to be completed within just a few hours.

Stainless steel nails facilitated a quick and efficient disassembly on-site. A dedicated team of 18 worked in shifts, swiftly removing the bamboo, with the nails later extracted at their workshop.

The end result was nothing short of breathtaking. The mandap, standing proud and majestic, and with Devika Narain & Company's enchanting artistry, exuded an ethereal beauty that harmonized perfectly with the gentle, romantic ambiance of the beachside wedding.
It was a testament to the power of collaboration, a manifestation of a dream that had been envisioned and brought to life.

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