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Dubki, Goa

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Dubki, Goa

Nestled on a cliff overlooking the enchanting Ozran Beach, @dubkigoa, designed by, is a harmonious blend of captivating views, pulsating music, delectable cuisine, and the vibrant spirit that defines Goa. Our work at Dubki focused on four pivotal elements - bamboo cladding, fabric work, the DJ booth, and jute rope work.

Let's dive into the intricate details of the bamboo cladding that graces the fluidic roof, mirroring the graceful undulations of ocean waves. The challenge was substantial - maintaining a consistent pattern as bamboo tapers from 1.5 inches at the bottom to 1.25-1 inch after 10 feet. Our solution? Cutting-edge technology, a proprietary machine meticulously shaving the bamboo to a uniform radius of 1.25 inches, ensuring a seamless finish. The bamboo, then sanded with 80-grade and 220-grade grit paper, exuded a smooth, polished allure. Each piece, cut to various lengths, was placed radially in sections every foot, breathing life into the ceiling's wavelike form, infusing warmth with the natural tones of bamboo.

Moving on to the creation of the portable DJ booth at @dubkigoa, envisioned by to embody the lively spirit of Goa. The quarter-sphere design aimed for portability, prompting us to engineer a structure easily transportable from Bangalore to Goa. As the render transformed into reality, our team meticulously assembled the booth on-site, solving a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Initially planning bamboo cladding, we opted for the extraordinary – the world's most premium cane, Karnataka cane. Our artisans from Bangalore joined us on-site, skillfully bending the cane to match the structure's curves. The result was breathtaking! To add rustic charm and conceal metal surfaces, coconut rope was employed, providing not just structural integrity but also enhancing the booth's aesthetics with a natural, earthy touch.

From render to an eye-catching DJ booth, our journey was a thrilling blend of creativity and technical prowess, perfectly aligning with the lively ambiance of Dubki Goa. We are elated to have been part of this fun and transformative process, bringing a vision to life!

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