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Maya Restaurant

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Maya Restaurant

Maya is India's first Slow Living Restaurant & Art Gallery and this project was our first collaboration with Studio Maze concepts for exclusively crafted furniture and decorative lighting.

At Maya, Bangalore, Bamboopecker reimagined the very first wooden chair model designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1950s - the CH24 or Wishbone Chair. Given this opportunity, we reimagined the iconic wishbone chair to create a bamboo rendition of it. One of the most complicated hand crafted piece of furniture to manufacture due to its non-angular form.

Other things one will notice that were exclusively designed and developed for this space – Rattan and cane furniture along with its decorative lighting.
The most prominent piece of the decorative lighting is at the entrance of the restaurant, 3 of our most finely crafted pendant lamps. Each pendant lamps were made as 3-4 parts that assembled at site to make a 8 ft tall pendant lamp. Each pendant light represented an ancient temple pillar or a sthamba.

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